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 Successfully Negotiated Transactions with the Following Lenders

Option A: Loan Modification
Most customers that contact Foreclosure Alternatives are currently undergoing loan modification. This is the best choice if you want to keep your property AND have the financial resources to maintain the monthly loan payments. We are skilled negotiators and have successfully lobbied on our clients behalf. 
If your loan is seriously in arrears (more than 12 months), the liklihood of your lender approving the modification diminishes. Be aware that lenders first and foremost want the money owed, including penalties. Modifiation is only for serious homeowners wanting to stay.
As protection against the possibility of the modification being denied, we recommend Option B: Listing Your Property for Sale at Market Value. If you modication is approved, we simply de-list the property and you continue living in your home. It's that Simple.
Option B: Listing Your Property for Sale at Market Value.
If you have been contacted by Foreclosure Alternative, chances are that it is not too late to attempt to sell your property at Market Value. This option is best for individuals or familes that due to financial constraints no longer can afford the property. 
By listing your property for sale, you are proactively seeking a solution to the foreclosure. Additionally, if your home is listed for sale on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and you have a valid contract for sale pending, some lenders will postpone the foreclosure knowing that the house will sell and they [the lender] will recoup what is owed.  
Additionally, the fact that your home is listed will cause many lenders to work with you versus against you. Remember, at the end of the day, the lender wants the loan repaid, not the property.
Option C: Presenting Your Property to Investors for Sale for less than Market.
We understand that current market conditions may not be favorable for a quick sale of YOUR property or that you may have contacted Foreclosure Alternatives late in the foreclosure process.  We have you covered!
Foreclosure Alternatives has cash buyers and investors that will make you an offer on your property. The offer will more than likely not be as high as a Market offer, but you can still sell your property, avoid foreclosure, and possibly recoup some of the equity. 
This "WIN-WIN" alternative is what makes Foreclosure Alternatives popular with our clients. Even if the amount owed is substantial, we have plans available to stop the foreclosure, allow you to transition away from the property, and receive assistance with your transition.
We are here to help you in your time of need.