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Foreclosure 101

Anatomy of an Auction

Foreclosure Day in Harris County, Texas

Foreclosure Alternatives can help stop the sale of your home at the specified location within your county. Harris County is shown in the adjacent video as an example.
The sale process is simple and quick. The trustee (foreclosure) or constable (tax) provides the legal description and/or address of your property. Afterwards, the amount to satisfy the debt or delinquent tax is stated. An opening bid is then requested from the hundreds of investors in attendance. For foreclosures, the highest bidder wins possession of your home. The next steps are normally the 3-Day Notice to Vacate, Notice of Eviction, Eviction Hearing, and finally eviction by an armed Constable. For tax sales, the process varies by the levy date of the tax lien.
The majority of auctions take approximately 25 seconds per property. Don't let this happen to YOU!
Do Not Loose in Seconds what took Years to Accumulate. Contact Foreclosure Alternatives.


Know Your Alternatives. Know The Facts.
Our experience has shown us that basically two scenarios arise out of impending foreclosures. You, as the home owner, can (1) wait for the bank or lender to foreclose on your house thus resulting in the minimum of a negative credit impact for 10 or more years upon your credit, have the lender place a judgement on you for the negative equity in the home (and pay taxes on that judgement), suffer not being able to get another home for 7-10 years, pay higher interest rates on credit cards, auto loans, risk not being able to rent an apartment or (2) work proactively with us to have you avoid foreclosure and be ready to possibly purchase another home quickly when circumstances get better.
To further explain, we can take over monthly payments and catch-up on past payments. This goes for your primary residence as well as any rental properties that you may own. In the case of your primary residence, we can also help you  
with expenses associated with relocation to another residence that DOES NOT have to be repaid. By doing this, you avoid several problems that will affect your credit and future home purchases. You eliminate a foreclosure on your credit, higher interest rates on auto/home loans & credit cards, and expand your eligibility for loan programs once the hardship has subsided.
Consequently, homeowners that fail to proactively pursue a remedy find themselves losing their residence to the servicing lender or an individual or institutional investor. In each circumstance, both will file for eviction shortly after the foreclosure date and will forcibly remove you and your family from your house, if you have not vacated beforehand. Neither, more than likely, will provide any financial assistance for re-location, thus increasing your financial hardship. Lastly, if not to add more insult to injury, may pursue through the courts a deficiency judgment
(DEFINITION: An assessment of personal liability against a time. Lastly, if not to add more insult to injury, may pursue a deficiency judgment that will require you to pay taxes on the unpaid amount of your loan not recovered through foreclosure). As you can see, our solution is a “WIN-WIN” compared with the alternative.
Additionally, you can always use one of our partner TX Real Estate Brokers to help you sell your home before foreclosure. Many times, our partner brokers have buyers ready to purchase your property in as little as 14 days. However, DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!!!