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About Us
Simply Put, We help homeowners navigate the unknown and terrifying experience associated with Home Foreclosure. 
Our team of experts that have helped many Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure. Our approach is simple and compassionate. Through our proven process, we will guide you through each step, keep in constant communication with you, and help navigate you through foreclosure avoidance.
Additionally, Foreclosure Alternatives has partnered with Lenders that can Refinance your current loan and TX Real Estate Brokerages that will help you complete your Loan Modification Package and/or help you sell your property, if that is your goal. 

Our partner brokerage has a proven record of quick sales and lists of cash buyers and investors waiting to assist distressed homeowners. 

Lastly, we can help you Rebuild your credit and restore you to where you were before your hardship. 

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Foreclosure Alternatives will assign a foreclosure specialist who will work with you and your current lender(s) to provide a solution.
A Few of the Homes Saved Since December 2016
Our Results Say It ALL.
Each Home pictured was scheduled for Foreclosure. WE SAVED EVERY ONE!!!

​Your Home Can Be Next!!!!
Our Services
Past Loan Payments
We may, depending on the amount in arrears, bring your loan current. That's Right! We have helped many homeowners avoid foreclosures by eliminating the root-cause. By catching up your past payments, your lender has no incentive for proceding with the foreclosure. Lenders ultimately want to avoid foreclosures because of the extra expense they incur. Lenders basically want the monthly payments that were agreed upon.
Refinance Your Loan
If you desire to keep your home, We can help REFINANCE YOU OUT of your current loan with a NEW LENDER or provide a Short-Term Loan to help you reinstate your current loan and avoid loan modification. Your credit does not matter. We only require proof of ability to repay.
Repayment Negotiation
Some loans are able to be saved. In the event your loan qualifies, Foreclosure Alternatives can help you work with your lender on terms and loan modication criteria.
If you are seeking a loan modification, understand that each lender has thier own criteria and qualifications. The best chance for success is to contact us early. We can definitely help.
List Your Home with one of our Partner Real Estate Brokers for Sale
Foreclosure Alternatives has partnered with TX Real Estate Brokers that specialize in getting homes sold quickly. Our partner brokers have worked with individuals facing foreclosure, probate, and short sales. They are knowledgable and work quickly. Many times, if notified within 21 days of foreclosure, our partner brokers are able to find buyers. This allows the homeowner the opportunity to recoup some of the equity in thier property for use elsewhere.